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The Canadian Disability Tax Specialists is ready for 2011 and is now helping those who can't afford to pay the Doctor's fee!
“On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you and all of your staff…Your dedication and hard work was greatly appreciated by all of us. We could not of asked for an easier way to help us get our money”

David. N. – Oshawa, ON
"It if wasn’t for the Canadian Disability Tax Specialists, my husband and I would never have been able to collect this money."

Thank you CDTS for getting us money!"

B.R. - Etobicoke, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

What does The CDTS do?
We specialize in helping those with any mental or physical disability receive numerous government benefits

I don't earn much of an income; do I still qualify for the DTC?
Yes. The CDTS can obtain generous amounts of money regardless of your income.

I do not have any taxable income as I have been unemployed due to my disability. Am I still eligible to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)?
Yes. Eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit is not determined by your annual taxable income. The DTC can be transferred to a supporting family member to reduce their taxes payable.

How long does it take to receive my money?
The majority of our clients receive their money in 16 weeks or less. We will keep you updated and communicate with you throughout the whole process.

Upon receiving my money, will I have to pay taxes on it?
No. The money is non-taxable.

Does my money come in one lump sum, or do I get it in installments?
You will most likely receive your money in 2-3 installments.

What are my chances of being approved?
As of now we have a very promising success rate. We’d say a 99% chance.

I make quite a good salary. Am I ineligible because of this?
No, all salaries are eligible! We've successfully processed claims on all different incomes

My son/daughter has a disability, but he/she is under 18 and does not pay taxes. Is it possible to claim the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) on their behalf as his/her parent?
Yes. Transfers of the DTC are allowed to supporting family members. There are no age restrictions to be eligible for the DTC. If they don’t pay taxes a transfer can be conducted to a family member in order to enable the child with the disability to claim the DTC.

How do I get the money? How does it come to me?
Your money can come either two ways. We can have it arranged to you by check. Or we can arrange to have it Direct Deposited directly into your account.

The private information I release, is that going to be confidential?
At the Canadian Disability Tax Specialists, we treat your information with the utmost respect. You can be confident your information will be confidential and handled with privacy.

Can’t I just do this myself?
The process to apply for the DTC is very time consuming and complicated. Submitting the forms on your own can result in a high likelihood of rejection, even if accepted the amounts you would receive will be far less than what you're entitled to.

Will this affect my taxes in any way?
Not at all. It won’t affect your taxes in any way.

I’m a student; does this affect my chances of receiving other government loans such as getting approved for OSAP/ Student loans?
No. Any money you receive has no effect on your eligibility.

I am not severely disabled; can CDTS still help me apply for the DTC?
Yes. The Canada Revenue Agency has decided to accept many more conditions that were before not accepted. Some examples of these conditions are ADD/ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis and Learning Disabilities. CRA decides eligibility by how you are affected by your condition.

Is it possible to apply for a family member?
Yes of course, and if the person with the disability does not have an income to qualify, then you can receive the money for the person with the disability, and help them out with the money received. Contact us for more information.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us and speak to one of our specialists.!

Free Eligibility Assessment

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"I wish everyone could know how CDTS has saved me. Sometimes you don’t believe good things can happen. I was wrong; I had never seen a company do so much for me for so little.

Thank you again and again"

David. N. – Oshawa, ON

“As a family we must express our deepest thanks to you for helping us claim our disability tax rebate. Your expertise and professionalism made the procedure ever so simple and understandable. I will recommend you too many!”

Esther S. – St.Catherines, ON

“CDTS has changed the life for both my child and I. Raising a child with autism is not easy and can be very expensive. With my current income, I could not afford some of the courses, and workshops necessary to educate myself on my son’s disability. But with the help and professionalism of CDTS, I was able to get the money I needed to help educate myself on my son’s disability and put him in programs that help develop his skills. “

Fran E. – Guelph, ON

“I’m going to explain why I am so grateful to the CDTS and all that they have done.“

Being diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I have been fired from jobs continuously. I didn’t have very much money because of the loss of jobs; I couldn’t sit at my desks for more than twenty minutes without having to go to the bathroom. I was really in a bad situation with nowhere to turn, until someone introduced me to CDTS. With the help of CDTS, I was able to receive the money I deserved and they did everything, they were so professional even though I was embarrassed about my disability, they made me feel as if it was nothing.”

Kate N. – Mississauga, ON

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